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I Love You, I Love Your Smile .: CH 06:.
I sat in my Math class at university, thinking deeply, not really paying attention to what was actually going on in the classroom. I chewed on my pen, fidgeting.
I thought upon what Loke had asked of me, to talk to Natsu. I really should've done it when it happened, but I was just too emotional and angry to really think clearly. I still loved Natsu, there was a part of me that knew I always would.
It was a complicated situation, and had my mind frazzled.
I had gotten better from my bulimia, and was no longer severely depressed. Being with Natsu and living with Gray and Mom made it a lot easier. But it got harder when I walked in on Natsu and that bitch of a cheerleader. But Gray, Loke, Mirajane, and Erza encouraged me to stay better, just so I could be happy.
But I wasn't happy. Not completely.
I was in a band that was doing relatively well locally, and wanted to release a full length album with them. I was healthier, mentally and physically. To most people who had been throu
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Blue Lagoon. by Countess-Rhapsodos67 Blue Lagoon. :iconcountess-rhapsodos67:Countess-Rhapsodos67 4 1
I Love You, I Love Your Smile .:CH 05:.
I watched in awe as Ryuu, now confident and energetic, danced about on stage, singing her heart out. 
I couldn't help but stare. 
Three months. 
That was the time we had spent apart, and this was how much she had changed. 
Now, she was a healthy weight, with long bright red hair instead of her old gloomy black hair, although her red hair was dipped dyed in black, and shaved at the side. 
Her eyes were so much brighter, happier. 
I couldn't believe it was her. 
Soon enough, their set ended, and they came off stage, greeting fans. I decided to take my chance, I had to get her back. 
She turned at the sound of her name, her eyes finding mine. 
A few seconds, we stared, before she turned, completely blanking my existence, going into the lobby/bar, to greet her fans. 
I expected aggression, but to be completely ignored? I felt my heart shatter. 
I sat on my bed in my dorm room, waiting for Loke to return. The
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I Love You, I Love Your Smile .:CH 04:.
Fairy Tail University. Finally. 
I had been waiting for forever to start coming to this university. I was on a sports scholarship, staying in the dorms. I sighed in exhaustion, lugging my stuff down the hall, looking for my room. 
'113, 114, 115! Here we go.'
I shoved my key into the lock, pushing the door open, looking around to see who my roommate was. Only to find Loke laid on the other bed, reading a book, his posters already on the walls of his side of the room. I grinned.
"'Sup, Loke!"
He looked up, grinning when he saw me.
"Oh hey Natsu, looks like we're stuck with each other for our time here, doesn't it?" he laughed. 
I chuckled with him. 
"Yeah, can't wait," I said sarcastically, grinning manically, only to have him throw his book at me. 
As I settled in, I couldn't help but think. I had being doing a lot of that lately. 
After Ryuu and Gray moved away, only a few people knew where they went, all of them re
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I Love You, I Love Your Smile .:CH 03:.
My eyes widened. That just couldn't be true. I placed my hands on Natsu's strong shoulders and pushed him away gently. 
"Natsu, you don't want to me with me..."
He raised an eyebrow in question, worry filling his eyes. 
"Ryuu, why not?"
Sobbing quietly, I stepped back, unzipping my hoodie. Although I was wearing a baggy vest top, it was clear of the damage. 
I stood back as Ryuu unzipped her hoodie, throwing it onto the hood of my car. 
The damage was extensive. Tears filled my eyes just looking at her. Her arms and legs were so thin I could easy snap them. She slowly raised her top, and tears began to flow down my cheeks. No way. 
Her ribs and hip bones were straining against her skin, almost to the point where I thought they were going to cut through her skin. Black and purple bruises stained her skin, from what, I hadn't the foggiest. She looked so small standing there, and I had never noticed her slowly pulling away, withdrawing into he
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I Love You, I Love Your Smile .: CH 02:.
I watched carefully as I followed Ryuu down the hall to Biology. Although she said she was fine, I knew she wasn't. My sharp eyes didn't miss anything, I saw her protruding hip bones, ribs, how thin and boney her arms were, and the large thigh gap she had. I knew she was hiding something, she always wore baggy clothing, except for her jeans, and always wore long sleeves, even though it was only September, and it was still relatively warm during the day. I was betting that Mira knew.
I decided I would ask her later on today, probably when we have our next class together, which was History.
Ryuu and I entered our Biology class and sat in our usual seats at the back. As I plonked my bag and sat down, I noticed how even though it was stuffy and very humid in the room, Ryuu still did not remove her hoodie.
I poked her lightly, frowning when I saw her flinch.
"Ryuu, what aren't you telling me?"
She just smiled.
"I'm fine, really Natsu," But I wasn't convinced. I definitely needed
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I Love You, I Love Your Smile .: CH 01:.
"Natsu! Come play with me!"
The pink haired child turned, smiling brightly at the sight of his best friend.
The young girl had long midnight hair, and dark azure blue eyes, with a bright smile.
"Okay Ryuu!"

I was startled out of my day dreaming by the bell. I blinked my dark azure blue eyes, rubbing my eyes to bring myself back down to Earth. I gathered my things; it was lunchtime, so I made my way back to my locker.
Sorry, I'll fill you in.
My name is Ryuu Fullbuster. I'm 17 years old, and I attend Magnolia High School, with my twin brother and all my childhood friends.
I was quite the loner to be honest. I often hid behind my bangs, dark eyelinger rimming my eyes. I wore gothic clothing, like the rest of my friend group, but I liked to be on my own a lot of the time, with my iPod plugged in. I'm shy, so I didn't like speaking to people.
I made it to my locker, finding my twin brother. Gray Fullbuster. We were wearing similar style things, which kinda sucked.
I was wearing
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You Think You Know Me? You Don't Know Me At All 11
I pushed myself on my strong hind haunches, running through the forest, my sharp eyesight catching sight of the cabin.
I screeched to a stop, my paws digging into the ground. I whimpered loudly at the sight I saw; the cabin was annihilated. Splintered wood scattered the forest floor, shattered glass shone in the moonlight. I sniffed around the area; I couldn't smell Skye or Andy, but couldn't smell blood either. I jumped over the ruined walls, finding the hatch into the underground tunnels opened. I felt my heart beat faster.
Where could they be?
I turned and headed back to the battle ground.
Finally forcing my body into a transformation, snarling, I shoved Oli off me.
I felt blood matting my fur, but I ignored the pain. I couldn't even focus on healing the pack, I had to focus on Oli.
Cut the head off a snake, the body dies, and that was the theory I was hoping would work.
I pulled my lips back into a growl, leaping at Oli, who merely sneered as he easily threwm
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Daughter of the Godfather EPILOUGE
I wandered through the ruined halls idly. The old mansion Frank and I had grown up in had fallen to ruin after a raid about ten years ago, so we packed up our entire family and moved to a new mansion that had been constructed for us. The old mansion was now covered in vines, discoloured and falling apart.
I smiled gently. I had such fond memories here; I met the love of my life here, when I was merely seventeen years old, I birthed my child here, just after I turned twenty. There were some dark memories here too; my mother had been brutally murdered here when I was sixteen, my father going the same way not even a year later. Frank had nearly been taken from me as well, and I nearly lost my entire family, both mafia and blood, to the Biersack-Purdy family, but they had long been disbanded since the death of their Don and his husband, fourteen years ago.
I had been there, when Andy pulled the trigger.
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You Think You Know Me? You Don't Know Me At All 09
I collapsed on the floor, my chest heaving for breath. I could vaguely hear Jimmy and Shadows yelling my name, but I paid no attention.
The images flooded my head, threatening and violent. Werewolf fangs covered in blood, lips pulled back into a manic snarl, almost looking like an inane grin. Oli’s voice echoed through my head.
“We’re coming.”
Another voice entered my head.
“Blood will be spilled. Your pack will be no more.”
Suddenly it was all gone. My body screamed for oxygen, and I could feel cold sweat on my body. I came to my senses in Shadow’s arms. I had never felt so terrified in my life.
“Hayley, are you alright?”
I sat up, spinning on the wolves.
“Gather everybody. Every able bodied wolf. Call for assistance from Ronnie’s pack if you must.”
I quickly stood, making my way to the back to find Saya.
We were facing a full frontal attack. It was going to be a bloody massacre.
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Daughter of the Godfather Ch10 Part 2 FINAL
We pulled in to the house, leaving the car and running inside to the infirmary. When we got there, Kalley was laying in a bed, nurses surrounding her. I ran to her side and grabbed her hand, kissing her forehead. She looked up at me and smiled weakly, her golden eyes filled with pain as contractions hit her.
“Hey, Zacky…” She said, her voice straining because of the pain. “You’re here…”
“I told you I was gonna be.” I cooed “I’m not about to miss out on this.”
“How were the negotiations?” She asked.
“We stopped in the middle after you called me.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” I kissed her softly on the lips, silencing her.
“You’re way more important. We can finish negotiations another time. Now, it’s family time.” The doctor examined Kalley and told her she was ready to push. She squeezed my hand in a vice grip, pushing w
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The Night Where Freaks Come Out To Play! by Countess-Rhapsodos67 The Night Where Freaks Come Out To Play! :iconcountess-rhapsodos67:Countess-Rhapsodos67 0 0
You Think You Know Me? You Don't Know Me At All 07
Leaving Saya and Hayley to look after Skye, I raced back through the forest, my sensitive hearing picking up snarls and claws tearing at flesh. Among the sounds of fighting, I heard the small human voice of Andy, whimpering in pain. I had to hurry; Ben and Andy were in danger!
Bursting through the trees, I saw the one thing I didn’t want to see. Andy was on the ground, his fragile body convulsing in pain as he let out little cries. A large pool of blood was surrounding him, the dark red looking like black in the moonlight. Claw marks were carved into Andy’s torso, starting at his left shoulder and ending at his right hip, and he was bleeding badly, and surely wouldn’t survive much longer.
Ben, on the other hand, was transformed, and fighting a large dark brown wolf I wasn’t familiar with at first, but Ben wasn’t fighting unscathed either. A huge chunk of flesh had been ripped from his shoulders, leaving his left arm useless.
The anger coursed th
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.:Naruto-Mysterious Assistant 16:.
My pale eyes widened as Mayu made her decision known to me.
That was risking everything, everything she had built from the dark abyss she’d crawled out of after I found her, and it could all come toppling down on top of her, and I don’t think I could bare it if I watched her fall back into that same dark abyss once more.
Those were dark times, and it took everything we had to make it through together.
I saw tears gathered in the midnight blue eyes that I loved so much, and swiftly pulled her into my arms, whispering little nothings of comfort into her ear as she let loose all of her stress in the form of her tears.
I buried my nose into her midnight hair, gently stroking her back, silently letting her know that I was here for her, even if it cost me my life.
When I found Mayu, not only was she in a dark place, but I was living in a world of hatred towards my family; they’d turned me into a servant, someone of my genius. Well, those were my thoughts back then
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Man and Man's Best Friend by Countess-Rhapsodos67 Man and Man's Best Friend :iconcountess-rhapsodos67:Countess-Rhapsodos67 0 8 Survivor. by Countess-Rhapsodos67 Survivor. :iconcountess-rhapsodos67:Countess-Rhapsodos67 2 15


Horoscope series .Capricorn. by sakimichan Horoscope series .Capricorn. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 25,065 723 Gray X Natasu (YAOI TAG) by sakimichan
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So I'm in South Africa :') 
It's so good to be home c: 

I'm loving it, other than the fact we're running out of water on the farm xD
Oops. xD

Haha, anyway, hope everyone on here is okay!


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Skye <3
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Well hello. C:
I'm Fawn, from South Africa. c:
I've traveled to many places in my short 17 year old life, and I use that as inspiration for a lot of my art work.

I love heavy metal, punk, rock.
Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance are my loves.
I also love anime. Naruto, the most.
I love people, so if you ever wanna chat, about anything, just gimme a note. :'D
Okaii, that's enough rambling, so byeee! :heart:


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